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Connect your IC Markets Global MetaTrader 4 Live Account and start trading within a community.

Copy Trading

Analyse, learn, share and replicate strategies of fellow traders.

Signal Trading

Traders may choose to provide trade signals such as price entry, entry date and time.

IC Social Community

Access to professional traders and trading communities, allowing you track and analyse their performance.

Risk Copy Management

Copy trading risk management at its finest.

  • Instant Messaging

    Chat and share ideas with fellow traders.

  • Inverse Trade

    Challenge a friend's trade or inverse each other's trades in real-time.

  • Technology

    IC Social, powered by Pelican Trading, sets a new standard of social trading technology with mobile apps on Android and iOS.

trading room
  • Activity & Feed

    Follow or create your own trading group. Get real time updates on your feed.

  • Interactive Profiles

    Interact between profiles. Easily view monthly returns, profitability, markets traded and more.

  • Messaging and Sharing

    Share strategies and post questions to group chats or send them to professional traders.

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Create an IC Markets Global account

  • Supporting Documentation should be uploaded such as ID and proof of residence. AML Policy
  • Once approved, connect your MetaTrader 4 trading account to IC Social and Deposit Funds
  • If you already have a live MetaTrader 4 account, please proceed to step 2.

Connect your live account to IC Social

  • Link your IC Markets Global account to IC Social by entering your account login details within the IC Social app.
  • Choose your preferred trader from a large collection and begin your copy trading experience.


About IC Social

IC Social is a social trading app that allows traders to replicate/copy the strategies of signal providers and also to become a signal provider by using your IC Markets Global MetaTrader 4 account.

You can download the IC Social app from Google Play store or iOS app store. If you are an existing client of IC Markets Global and hold a live accounts, you can sign up with your registered email address. If you are not an IC Markets Global client yet, you can apply for a Live Account, once approved, you can connect your MetaTrader 4 account to IC Social.

Account settings

You can Link your IC Markets Global account to IC Social by entering your account login details within the IC Social app.

There maybe multiple reasons why your account cannot connect. Please make sure you are doing the following:

  • You are connecting with your TRADING password not your INVESTOR account.
  • You're entering the wrong server, account number or password.
  • You are a Signal account and you need to close all trades from an existing account you had connected.
  • Your MetaTrader 4 password is too long - it needs to be less than 15 characters.

Navigate to 'Account', 'Settings', 'Account Information' and select 'Delete account'. Please note that when you select this option you will be automatically logged out.

Navigate to 'Account', 'Settings', 'Account Information' and select 'Unlink account'. Please note that you will be automatically redirected to the Discover section.

Navigate to 'Account', select 'Link account' and input your new trading account details.

Select 'Account', and then 'Edit profile'. In this page, you will be able to change your name, biography, website and location.

Yes, you can place trades manually.

The app lanuage will be the same as your device language. Please note it cannot be changed unless you change the language setting of your device.

You can place such requests via your IC Markets Global Secure Client Area or by contacting us at


To copy a trader, select the Account you would like to copy, select Copy, you may have to complete a Suitability Form, once you have completed the Form, select your copy size:

  • Proportional by Equity (trade sizes are proportional to the copiers equity relative to the Signal)
  • Mirror Master Size (trade size is the same as the Signal irrespective of the equity on account)
  • Fixed Size (locks the size of trades for all trades)

Select whether you want to copy already open trades that the Signal has open, and finally select whether you want trades to be rounded to the minimum trade size - even if we have calculated a copy size smaller than your broker has available.

Press 'Confirm'.

At the beginning of each month. Please note that irrespective how long you have been copying for the month, you will be charged the full fee.

When copying a signal, 'Proportional by equity' adjusts the size of your trade relative to your account size so it mirrors the size of the signal's trade in proportion to their account size. This means you are taking a similar risk to the signal you are copying. Buying $5,000 of CAP40 is much more risky for an account with a balance of $5,500 than for one with $100,000!

Yes, you can place trades manually while an account is connected to a Signal provider. You have full control and also full responsibility of the actions taken / allowed on your account

Signal & Strategy

A signal is an account that you are copying. Signals can also be referred to as "Strategies" or a "Fund". In your 'Account' section you will have a list of Signals. The list identifies the different accounts you have chosen to copy.

Anyone can be a signal provider and can select that option when you link your account. Most signals have at least 6 months of trading experience and positive results. Once you linked your live trade account to the app, you can then select to be Signal Provider. You will be required to fill the form and assessment questionnaire.

Signals can set a Performance Fee as soon as they are approved by our team. Please head to the 'Account' page and choose to 'set fee' and then 'performance'. This can be as much as 50% and can be changed at any point. A copier will pay the Performance Fee % they signed up to originally. A change will only affect new copiers from that point on.

Performance fees are calculated based on your Broker's preferred interval: Instantly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Fees are then deducted shortly thereafter when they have been processed. They will be labelled clearly in your account. IC Markets Global offers daily performance fee payout for Signal providers.

Yes, you will need to apply for this feature. To Apply log back into the App, navigate to Account and select 'I want to charge my copiers'

Performance Fees is calculated automatically on the profitable trades only and paid at the beginning of each month.

Max DrawDown/Risk

Mirror master size copies the size of the signal that you wish to copy.
For example, if the trader you wish to copy has bought $50 worth of bitcoin, choosing "mirror master size" will buy you $50 worth of Bitcoin.
This function copies the signal trade size for all trades, irrespective your or the trader's account size.

Link your live account with IC Social and connect with a community of traders.

* Pelican Exchange Limited is the Designated Representative of the London and Eastern LLP authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) with registration numbers FCA 739090 and 534484.

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